Keyword Ads

What are Auto Selected Keywords?

The Auto Selected Keywords function is a new addition to Keyword Ads.

  1. With Auto Selected Keywords, Shopee will manage your keyword bidding and optimisation, so you no longer have to.
  2. We will automatically match your ad with keywords used by shoppers to find products like yours.
  3. Your bid prices depend on how likely your ad is to convert to a sale.
  4. If there is a high probability that a shopper will purchase your item, Shopee will set a higher bid to ensure that your ad gets more exposure. But if it looks like your ad will not result in a sale, we might lower your bid.
  5. Our bid prices are calculated to ensure a healthy Return On Investment- (ROI) for your ad.

Who should use Auto Selected Keywords?

Choose Auto Selected if you are:

  1. New to Keyword Ads, or ads in general
  2. Do not have the time or unsure about selecting keywords and what bid prices to set
  3. Unsure how to improve your Return On Investment- (ROI)

What about Manually Selected Keywords? 

  1. Manually Selected Keywords are recommended for advanced advertisers who have experience running Keyword Ads.
  2. Use this option if there are specific keywords you’d like to bid for. 
  3. If you have chosen a keyword that is already an Auto Selected keyword, we will display the ad only once, using the higher bid price.
  4. We recommend choosing Manually Selected keywords with Auto Selected keywords only if you wish to have higher exposure for specific keywords. Remember to use the Suggested Bid Price for your ad to appear at the top of the Search Results page.
  5. To read more about how to select and set up Manually Selected Keywords, click here.

How do I get started?

  1. Toggle on Auto Selected

The toggle can be found on the Keyword Ads set-up page, under Keywords. That’s all! We’ll manage everything else.

  1. To stop this feature, visit the Ad Detail page and toggle off Auto Selected.
  2. Alternatively, click on Stop to end the ad completely.

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